EKG Technician Program

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EKG Technician Program

Product Description

EKG Technician Program

Program Summary

The Electrocardiogram Technician Program consists of 48 hours of lecture and lab hours. This diploma-based program meets twice a week for four-hour sessions over a 6-week period. This program will include practice and background information on the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, cardiac disease processes, medical terminology, medical ethics, legal aspects of patient contact, Holter monitor, electrocardiography, stress testing and telemetry monitoring. Students will get hands-on lab practice with operating an Electrocardiogram, 12- lead electrode placement, vital signs collection, and bloodborne pathogen training. This course includes American Red Cross BLS CPR training and certification. Students are provided with a National Health Career Association (NHA) certification exam to become nationally certified and recognized as a Certified Electrocardiogram Technician (CET). Students enrolled in this program has the option of enrolling in the CAP 103: Capstone course at no additional tuition cost. This course can assist students in professionalism, business etiquette and creating a professional portfolio.


Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and understand basic lead strip interpretation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of clinical safety
  • Utilize a working knowledge of cardiac anatomy and physiology
  • Demonstrate proficiency in EKG techniques, including Holter and Telemetry monitoring
  • Demonstrate knowledge of equipment used in Cardiology and its proper uses
  • Demonstrate understanding of quality assurance and result in analysis in EKG collection to identify and resolve artifacts
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic lead strip interpretation
  • Respond to signs and symptoms of cardiopulmonary compromise
  • Measure and monitor patient vital signs
  • American Red Cross Basic life support cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and certification
  • Have an opportunity to gain a national certification as an Electrocardiogram Technician (CET) with the National Health Career Association (NHA).

Admissions Requirements

  • Be at least 17 years old of age
  • Applicant must attest to possessing an accredited high school diploma or high school equivalency completed before enrolling in the course.
  • Provide government issued picture ID

Cancellation Policy

Students who decide to cancel within three business days exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays after the date of signing an enrollment agreement will be refunded all monies paid within 30 days of cancellation. All supplies and books must be returned in like-new condition to receive a full refund of all monies paid. If Bell-Brown Institute cancels the program, all payments made by the student, including the registration, book, and supply fees will be fully refunded within 7 days. Refund Policy Refunds are calculated for students who withdraw or are terminated from Bell-Brown Institute prior to the completion of their program and are based on tuition and fees according to the schedule set forth below. Students who cancel within 3 business days of enrollment will get a full refund of all monies paid, including registration fees. When a student withdraws from the school after their scheduled program has begun, he/she should complete and submit a student withdraw from with the Chief Academic Officer. Refunds will be released to the student or third-party payer and will be calculated by the following formula: First three days after the start of a program – A student terminating training within three business days of signing the enrollment agreement will receive a refund of all monies paid, including registration fees. After three days – A student terminating training after three business days of signing enrollment agreement will receive a refund of 75% of all monies paid excluding the registration fee.

After 25% – A student terminating training after completing over 25% of the program after signing the enrollment agreement but within 50% of the period, will receive a refund of 50% of all monies paid, excluding the registration fee. After 50% – A student completing 50% or more of the program after signing enrollment agreement may be eligible to be refunded the cost of national certifications given that the student withdraws before the exam registration date. However, monies paid towards tuition, fees, and cost of supplies and books will not be refunded. The NHA and American Red Cross certification cost is included in the cost of each program, however, a full refund will be made in situations when a student has paid in full but withdraws before the testing registration date regardless of withdraw date.


There is no charge for the regular processing and mailing of transcripts upon written authorization of the student. Requests for a printed official transcript can be made with the school’s Chief Executive Officer by completing a Transcript Request form






Our mission is to raise the standard of career options in the community by providing well-trained and highly skilled support professionals. We are dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and practical training needed for a successful career in the growing and rewarding fields of healthcare. Bell-Brown Medical Institute is a private institution of higher learning. We are dedicated to providing the comprehensive education and training necessary to prepare students for employment and advancement in a variety of high-demand positions within the healthcare field. Bell- Brown Medical Institute strives on a continuing basis to:

  • Ensure an exceptional level of performance among healthcare professionals by offering -quality allied health programs
  • Preserve the quality of our programs to ensure that student’s educational instruction is communicated well and understood fully
  • Strengthen educational requirements by auditing then improving policies, processes and procedures on a evolutionary basis
  • Assist students in professional soft skill training and career opportunities to ensure placement into the healthcare field after graduation

Core Values In pursuit of Bell-Brown Medical Institute’s vision and mission, the quality of service will be guided by: Excellence: We are committed to excellence by creating a learning culture that integrates experienced instructors with ongoing professional development.

Integrity: We display this personally, and professionally, and in our commitment to promote patient care and safety.

Accountability: We create comprehensive, energetic learning environments focused on the needs of our diverse communities. Teamwork: We work in harmony with others towards the same vision.


Admissions Requirements

All Applicants must submit their High School Diploma, Transcripts, (from an accredited high school) or high school equivalency, be 17 years of age or older, and government-issued photo identification.



Tue/Thu Morning EKG Technician Program 9:30 AM – 1: 30 PM (6 Weeks)

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    I had a wonderful experience at Bell Brown Medical Institute. The Instructor that I had was very thorough. She had all of the materials needed to study for any test given. Jessica was my Instructor and she was amazing! I am now a Certified EKG technician!!!!!!

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